Thanks to thirty years of experience in the international real estate business, I am able to offer consulting and brokerage services matching the many and diversified requirements of my clientele. In such a quickly evolving market as the current one, buyers, among their various requirements, require the support of a professional who acts exclusively in their interest:  a more targeted service than that which is offered by standard real estate agencies.

The key feature that makes my professional activity outstanding focuses on customized support to my clientele in all stages of real estate brokerage and transaction and combines home consulting with digital business.  The Hancock Group  headquarters, to achieve this purpose, goes beyond the traditional showcase and becomes a place to discuss with all the players involved in a real estate agreement.  My focus on human relationships with full transparency is the cornerstone of my professionalism, gained thanks to a network of contacts and references from my clients, well-established over the years.

My in-depth understanding of the Verona and Lake Garda real estate market means that I can satisfy even the most demanding clients.  As a “Property Finder”, one of the few who is doing business in this area, I connect my clients with the best professionals or properties – sometimes not yet on the market – speeding up times and optimizing energies.  A clientele of different nationalities has selected Hancock Group precisely for our many years of international experience, testifying to a comprehensive professional consulting in all fields: linguistics, contracts, technical and legal mediation.



My name suggests my Italian-English heritage.  I am bilingual and cannot say which of the two languages is “my” real mother tongue.  I was born and lived with my family in England until preschool.  After moving to Italy I grew up and studied along a scholastic path where I “combined” two-year technical-professional studies with a diploma in Childhood Care.  At the same time I was deepening my language knowledge with studies of music and singing.  England, where I returned in 2013 to live and work for 5 years, and Italy blend in myself: two citizenships to multiply my sense of belonging:  I am English, I am Italian, I am a citizen of the world.  I speak both languages, growing up at home speaking English while working and speaking with friends in Italian.  I think and I dream in a mixture of the two idioms:  certain reflections start from my head in English and end up in Italian on the tip of my tongue and vice versa.  I love pizza as much as I do  “Fish&Chips”. At school I perfected my French as well, the language of my grandmother and my cousins.  And I have studied German for my professional needs.

Music and singing are my great passion: being a vocalist was my long-term profession and still semi-professionally accompanies my main business.  Both occupations bring me constantly into contact with other people and I find this to be a wonderful and challenging opportunity.  If, as some say, language is the window to our thoughts then speaking many languages is a great privilege, intercepting the thoughts of others through the words they pronounce and understanding why a concept, in one culture, is expressed in one way and in a different way in another.  This is a window on the world that gives you back a complete vision,  sharpens your critical thinking, opens up to tolerance and acceptance free from judgments.